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tray sprouter

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Nice all-in-one sprouter for your microgreens at home. Use for all seeds that are eaten at the sprout stage (spotted peas, pink radishes, sunflowers, etc.). The sprouter is not designed for seeds that are eaten at the sprouting stage (alfalfa, crunchy mix, etc.)

  1. Spread the seeds in the unperforated container. The seeds should cover your tray in a single layer. 
  2. Add water to cover the seeds and soak them for the time recommended on the package. Close with the opaque lid.
  3. When the soaking time is over, drain the soaking water using the perforated lid.
  4. Transfer the seeds to the perforated container. The seeds will remain on this tray until they are ready to be consumed. Place the perforated container in the main container. Close with the opaque lid.
  5. Spray the seeds once or twice a day. Be careful not to disturb any roots that form in the wire mesh. The use of our fogger is recommended. Close the sprouter with the opaque lid after each spray. 
  6. When the roots are formed and protrude from the screen, fill the lower container with water so that the roots touch the water. You can then stop using the lid and spray the seeds.
  7. Depending on the variety, the sprouts are ready to eat in 8-10 days. You can use them as you go or store them in the refrigerator once well drained. It will keep for 1 to 2 weeks.
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