frequently asked Questions

Where do you find all your vintage and antique items?

By far the question we are asked most frequently. The answer is... EVERYWHERE. Resellers, collectors, antique dealers, individuals, garage sales, garage sales, estate and moving sales, auctions, resource stores... We travel several thousand kilometers annually to find vintage objects and furniture available in store. Finding items takes a lot of time, patience, and above all, luck. We are very proud to offer you a panoply of vintage and antique objects carefully selected with love and passion in order to save you the hours of research and the discouragement that can occur in quests.  

I can't find an item on the site that I saw on Instagram or Facebook 

We remove out-of-stock items from the site each week to ease your search on the site. Since the site opened, over 4,000 unique items have been posted. In any case, it is always possible to communicate with us if you need help in your research! We also have a chat system available on the site.

Will you get a sold out item again?

As most of our items are vintage, we cannot guarantee that we will have an item again. You should know that several items are unique, which gives them so much charm. Some items find a home just minutes after they go live. It is therefore suggested not to wait too long before getting the object of your dreams!

Are all the items in the shop found on your site?

Unfortunately no. There are many more items available in store than on our site. A visit to the store is strongly recommended to see the extent of our inventory. We have, among other things, a large selection of furniture, frames and lamps that we do not display on the site as they are bulky items that do not qualify for delivery. New products are also available in stores a few days to a few weeks before they go online.

Do you buy vintage and antique items from private individuals?

First, we do not take any items on consignment. It is however possible for us to buy certain vintage and antique items from individuals, subject to prior approval. It is therefore obligatory to send us photos by email at before to visit the store to find out if your items are eligible. No assessment will be made on site without agreement or appointment. 

Do you offer furniture delivery?

Unfortunately, shipping costs are exorbitant for large items. That's why we decided not to offer furniture delivery. For people from the outside, however, it is possible for us to keep the furniture for a few weeks so that you can come and pick it up at your convenience. For people around Quebec City, delivery may be possible with a small surcharge. In all cases, an agreement must be made in advance with us at

Are there any product promotions?

At Demain Maybe, promotions are sporadic and rarely planned. It is therefore unlikely that we will participate in Black Friday, post-Christmas sales or other types of promotions. Why ? Because we prefer to spoil you our way, with surprise promotions according to our mood, good weather or a snowstorm. Because these are much better reasons in our opinion! We invite you to subscribe to our social networks to discover the promotions because it is often the only place that they are mentioned there :) We also have a SALE section on the site where you will find vintage and antique articles selected until at 70% off.

I am a craftsman and I would like my products to be distributed in your shop

It is always a pleasure to discover the work of local artisans. However, our space is limited and we must carefully select the products we offer to our customers. It is possible to send us photos of your products by email at and we will answer you with pleasure!