About us

Inspired by the past, we offer home and wellness essentials that allow you to live fully in the present moment. Our home and lifestyle boutique specializes in items that add beauty to your home and comfort your heart. Followers of slow living, we are committed to celebrating these little pleasures that make us feel good. Our selection of products allows you to slow down, take your time and enjoy the sweet moments of everyday life.

Objects from the past
We offer a wide variety of vintage and antique items that belong to another era and bring charm and uniqueness to contemporary decors. Each object is carefully chosen according to different criteria: design, durability, timelessness, aesthetics, uniqueness... Depending on the condition of the object, it is restored, repaired or simply cleaned to preserve its original patina. Concretely, you will find in our shop furniture, decorative accessories, kitchen items, and much more.

objects of the present
We have selected several artisanal products from here and elsewhere that we all love more than the others. Whether by our hands or those of fabulous artisans across the globe, although mostly local, we want to showcase the talent of creators and producers. We offer several local products such as soaps, candles, bath products, macrame, dried flowers and more.


Buying second-hand promotes waste reduction and protects our resources and ecosystems. By advocating circular consumption, we offer a tomorrow to forgotten objects that are full of potential. We also prioritize the recovery of shipping materials (box, bubble wrap, etc.). It is therefore quite possible that you will receive the contents of your order in a box in the colors of another company.

Rethink the object
In addition to recycling and reusing existing items, we also strive to redesign the item to give it a second life. For example, old-fashioned ashtrays make great candle holders and handy trinkets! We also breathe new life into furniture by transforming it with the stroke of a brush or by completely changing its purpose. With this in mind, chairs make great bedside tables!

Encourage local
At Demain Peut-Être, it is important to us to promote local talent and encourage the work of artisans who infuse their culture, their passion and their pride into their products. Supporting local means creating and maintaining jobs at home. It's supporting and stimulating our economy. It is to ensure the sustainability of our art, our culture and our talent. And that's why we are pleased to offer local artisanal products that we cherish.

The vintage experience
Obviously, the vintage selection offered requires a lot of time, patience, travel... and luck! We are proud to offer you a varied selection, saving you hours of searching in the dusty clutter of flea markets and resource stores. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@demainpeutetre.ca if you are looking for a particular item and it is not available on the site. It's a challenge we love to take on.

The physical store

Our shop aims to give you a real experience. In addition to being able to find everything for your home, it offers you the opportunity to take the time and let yourself be inspired in an inviting and warm atmosphere. NOTWe are committed to celebrating these little pleasures that make you feel good, but above all to take the time to savor them. So we designed our store with that in mind. We hope you can recharge your batteries by finding several ideas to replicate at home.


Our boutique is located at 226 rue Notre-Dame, Donnacona, G3M 1G5.


Several parking spaces are available directly in front of the store, on Notre-Dame Street. There are also several municipal public parking lots nearby.

Our opening hours

Sunday : 12pm - 5pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10am - 5pm
Thursday : 10am - 5pm
Friday : 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm