Buy & sell vintage

Do you have vintage and antique beads gathering dust in your attic? We purchase certain vintage and antique items from individuals, subject to prior approval. 

No evaluation will be made in store, without ANY exception.

Please note that we do not take:

  • none consignment item;
  • no exchange of products;
  • no item or clothing under 20 years of age;
  • no items from smoking homes;
  • no set of dishes or utensils;
  • no crystal, cut glass or depression glass;
  • no products for children.

It is advisable to browse our website to see the style of items we offer. Please note that we are very selective and that your items may not be accepted if they do not match the style of our store or if we already have several similar products in inventory.


  • Send us photos by email at or by private message via our social networks to find out if your items are eligible. Please include how much you would like to get for it or if it is a donation.

  • If your items are accepted, an appointment will then be made in store to receive the items. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse items upon receipt if they do not correspond to the photos or descriptions sent.

  • Payment will be made by bank transfer with receipt following receipt of the items. Your full contact details will therefore be required for the receipt to be issued.



    The final price offered is set by the owners based on demand, condition, age, nature of the object and the work required for its restoration, particularly for furniture. 

    We know that some items have sentimental value to you and the price we can offer may not be what you expected. We encourage you to sell directly on Marketplace or other similar platforms if you want a price close to our sales prices or what you see on Etsy for example. Thank you for your understanding.