Un jour parmi tant d'autres

One day among many others

April 22, 2022, Earth Day.

At Demain Peut-Être, the environment is at the heart of our brand. And not just today! Here are some of our actions and values that we put into practice, every day of the year.

Extend the life of objects 
The second hand is much more than our offer, it is our way of life. We are committed to avoiding throwing away useful objects. We have always been consuming second-hand. You can also read the blog post about it which mentions the different benefits of this lifestyle by clicking here.

Giving objects a second life
Is a chair too wobbly to sit on safely? It will undoubtedly make a wonderful bedside table. At the store and at home, our objects often have a function that is totally different from their primary purpose in order to give them a second wind.

Select objects that will last over time
Choosing classic, timeless items with durable materials extends their lifespan. It is often better to invest a little more on an item when buying it than having to renew it frequently. In addition to reducing our footprint, it will be much more economical in the long run.

Reduce our consumption
Fashion and tastes change and evolve rapidly. It's really easy to give in to our cravings for a change of scenery or updating our wardrobe every season. Asking the question “do we really need it” is often easier said than done. I'm not against a treat once in a while. I think it's completely healthy to indulge yourself. But it's often just as satisfying, if not more, to wait a bit for the object of our desire, if only to confirm that we really need it.

Choosing recovery over looks
90% of the shipping materials we use are reclaimed (other materials are recyclable or compostable). Be it boxes, newspaper and even bubble wrap. Yes yes ! Even though plastic seems less environmentally friendly, we prefer to reuse what is brought to us than to throw it away. It would be tempting to send pretty packages with papers printed with the store's logo. However, we are committed to reusing as much shipping material as possible, and above all, we want your packages to arrive with as little damage as possible. One well-packaged package is better than breakage, loss and extra transport! We obviously invite you to reuse the boxes in turn.

Encourage local
Buying local is obviously eco-responsible. It reduces intermediaries, international transport, the risk of breakage and loss, etc. But it also creates and maintains jobs at home, which is essential to our economy. It is also to encourage the work of local artisans who breathe their culture, their passion and their pride into their products. That's why you'll find lots of local handicrafts at Demain Maybe, like soaps, candles, macrame and so much more. It is important to us to promote talent from here.

Photo credit: Unsplash


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