Un décor monochrome tout sauf monotone

A monochrome decor that is anything but monotonous

A monochrome decor is defined by a decoration based on a single color and its variations. The use of tone on tone is ideal for bringing harmony and coherence to your decor. Depending on the color used, a monochromatic decor can be chic, enveloping, soothing and even punched or bold! Here, we like the shades of white and beige which certainly give a soft, refined and timeless decor.

Here are some tips for having fun with shades from the same palette.

Dare to play with patterns and textures on your walls
Installing paneling or creating coffering using moldings is sure to give your room some relief. Wallpaper can also be used to add pretty patterns. These textures will allow you to highlight the elements of your decor or to segment different areas. 

Have fun with the accessories
Think wood grain, weathered metals or shiny or frosted glass. Natural fibers such as linen, rattan or wool are also preferred. These different materials will help bring depth to your decor.

Allow yourself some contrasts
It is obviously possible, and even recommended, to punch up your decor with certain accessories that deviate from your palette in order to highlight them. In this case, favor accents of the complementary color to your room to ensure harmony.

Not sure which palette to choose? Shades of blue will bring calm and a soothing feel to your room while shades of red are sure to warm up your decor. For a touch of romance, prefer a pink or purplish palette. If nature calls out to you, shades of green are definitely for you. If you are more classic, shades of beige and brown are ideal for a cozy and refined decor. All-white pieces, on the other hand, will have a minimalist and clean flavor. On the opposite end of the spectrum, all-black pieces will instead offer a chic, contemporary look.

In short, it is not the possibilities that are lacking for a monochrome decor in your image! Do you dare this trend?

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