Le talent d'ici

Talent from here

We like to say that Tomorrow Maybe is the sweet balance between the past and the present. Because if our mission is to give a future to the objects of the past, it is just as important for us to shine the talent of the present. And more specifically, the talent here.

Encouraging local means supporting and highlighting the work of artisans who breathe their culture, their passion and their pride into their products. It's celebrating our roots. It's sticking together.

On this National Day, it was natural for us to highlight and celebrate the local artisans that we cherish and that we are more than honored to offer you in store.

With Botanical Base, it's easy to add beauty and softness to everyday gestures with products that bring you back to nature. All products are handmade in Varennes from vegan raw materials and are of high quality. The smells are particularly intoxicating and the textures incredible!

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Bombe de bain lavande

This company offers natural and beneficial artisanal soaps, carefully handcrafted in their workshop located in the heart of the Saint-Sauveur district, in Quebec. You will be charmed as much as we are by the fragrances, textures and sleek design of their products.

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Savon triple beurre

BKIND is a Montreal brand based on self-awareness, offering natural, effective and quality products that are made with respect for everything around us. Their home products are safe, natural, vegan, and have smells that make your nose pop!

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Produits pour la maison BKIND

Fleurs La Garance is a family flower farm on a human scale whose lands are located in the Capitale-Nationale region, in Neuville and Donnacona, very close to the store. We are blessed to be able to bloom your lives all year round with their beautiful dried flowers.

Shop local dried flowers from Fleurs la Garance

Bouquets de fleurs séchées

The Little Seeder are local growers who seed the seedlings by hand or grow them from cuttings. Production takes place in a greenhouse in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. We are very proud to be able to offer you their eucalyptus plants which are abundant, healthy and of very good quality.

Shop for eucalyptus plants Le petit semoir

eucalyptus baby blue naturel

I'm lucky to have a very talented mom and it's a great honor to be able to offer you her greeting cards and bookmarks in store. True works of art in themselves, all his works are unique and are made with the greatest care, meticulousness and talent.

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Carte de souhait Les idées de Magouille


Inspired by the boho trend and minimalism, Loomineuse Créations specializes in making decorations and handmade accessories. Roxanne's creations are meticulously crafted with lots of love and time in Quebec. We cannot remain indifferent to the beauty of his works of art which will know.

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Macramé Loomineuse

Mano verde minimizes the purchase of packaged products from elsewhere by making urban agriculture accessible. Having fresh sprouts and sprouts all year round has never been easier with this line of products made in Montreal.

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Minipot Mano verde

This sweet Montreal company makes
well-designed products for everyday lifestyle. If the fair and conscientious manufacture particularly charms us, we are just as much in love with the design and the impeccable look of their accessories.

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Bloc notes Mimi and august

It is since the opening of the store that we had the happy meeting of Roger, a talented wood craftsman located in Donnacona. These handcrafted products are as practical as they are pretty. They are durable and quality products, well designed for everyday use.

Shop artisanal products Roger Thibodeau

Plateaux à oeufs artisanaux

SELV is a real favorite for its collection of quality products with finely chosen ingredients, ecological values and largely handmade in Montreal. Treating yourself to SELV products means giving yourself moments for yourself, slowness and well-being.

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Trousse immersive SELV Rituel

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