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Although upcycling is a process that has been around for a long time, the term officially came into existence in the 1990s. recycling makes it possible to reuse certain materials of an object by destroying it, while upcycling does not imply modifying the integrity of the material. Therefore, the up recycling is part of the circular economy and contributes to sustainable development.

 vase surcyclé

A matter of value

Upcycling goes beyond recycling by providing new value to the item. I have already heard this charming sentence which summarizes well the difference between the 2 processes: le recycling makes it possible to new with old, while upcycling makes it possible to do beau with old. The aesthetics, quality and enhancement of the object are an integral part of upward recycling. Creativity is required to reinvent the object by diverting it from its initial function or turning it into a work of art. The result is unique objects with high added value, in contrast to the production of mass industries.

vase surcyclé

A question of the environment

Without diminishing the importance and benefits of recycling, upcycling has a more positive environmental impact than recycling. In Avoiding the transformation processes necessary for recycling, upcycling consumes much less energy. What's more, it further extends the life of an item even before it is recycled. It is the ideal technique to revalue an object which has a great sentimental value but which no longer matches our decor.

At Demain Peut-Être, upcycling has been part of our way of life for a long time. Although the restoration and upgrading of furniture is part of our roots, we have a weakness for upcycling decorative objects. Our collection of upcycled vases is the perfect example.


vase upcycling



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