Le seconde main ; un mode de vie à plusieurs avantages

The second hand; a lifestyle with many advantages

I have been buying second hand for a long time. At first, this mode of consumption offered me the possibility of acquiring several useful goods to furnish my home, and other less useful ones to spoil myself, at a fraction of the price! First for the economic side of the thing, I quickly noticed several other advantages of this way of life that I have not left since.  

And I'm not the only one! Although second-hand shopping has been on the rise for several years, it is a trend that has accelerated since the pandemic. The latest Kijiji Second-Hand Index finds that economic motivations are still the number one reason people use the second-hand market. However, altruistic and ecological motivations are growing.*

Here are the 5 reasons why I am a convinced fan!

Let's face it, the quality of today's items rarely beats that of yesteryear. Noble materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques have unfortunately given way, more often than not, to materials and garments with a short lifespan. 


Charm and uniqueness
I love the eclectic decors where objects and furniture from different eras come together. Vintage and antique objects definitely add character to contemporary decor. But what I love above all is the unique side of old objects. I love that some of my decorative items don't end up in any other home, compared to some of the items offered at today's big chains that end up in thousands of homes. 


We can't miss the fact that second-hand shopping is good for our planet. Among other things, it promotes the reduction of waste, avoids waste and limits the exploitation of our resources. By advocating circular consumption, I like to offer a tomorrow to objects that would end up in the dump and yet are full of potential. 


This mode of consumption also gives me access to objects rich in stories, as much by their manufacture as by the people who owned them. Thanks to this mode of consumption, I was able to meet several fabulous people who told me wonderful, and often touching, stories about certain objects. I therefore like the patinas and the clearly visible marks of time which reflect all the love that has been brought to the object that wears them. But what fascinates me even more is that these objects bear witness to the past. They allow us to discover currents, innovations or discoveries that have been made over time.


The major issue of the second hand is the availability of objects. It is rather rare to come across the object of our desire at the precise moment when we want or need it. What may discourage many is rather my favorite part. For this mode of consumption, patience is required. But the excitement and pleasure of stumbling upon the object I have been looking for for a long time amplifies my love for the object in question. 


Because an object should never be just a simple object... I created this shop hoping to offer you objects that will give you the same emotions that I experience with each of my finds. 


Durif F et al., Value Changes in the Canadian Economy – The 5th Annual Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index – 2019, published by Kijiji Canada Ltd., October 2019.
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