Projet DIY - Le color zoning

DIY Project - The color zoning

The color zoning is an easy but most importantly affordable way to punch up your room. The shape, color and size of your zone can be adapted to your room and the desired effect. This technique is ideal for helping you delineate different functions of the same room, highlight certain architectural elements or even structure your decor. 

We tried the experience at the store and we do not regret our choice. Here are the steps for the realization of this small project with a big impact.


First trace the outline of your area with lead. Don't overlook the use of a level and tape measure to get everything straight! For curved lines, simply tie your pencil with a string to a nail planted in the center of the area. The length of the string will be the radius of your circle.

Use masking tape for the straight sides. To avoid smudging and to ensure your cutout is clean, paint over the masking tape, overlapping the area to be colored with the color of the wall. This will seal your joint and really make all the difference to the finish.

Apply your color. For curved areas, the freehand remains the best technique. Patience and precision will be required :)

Remove the masking tape. Personally, I always remove the masking tape when the paint is still wet. If you opt for this option, be careful that the tape covered in fresh paint does not stick to your wall to avoid ruining your hard work!

Tadam! Your area is now ready!

You can now dress up your area if you wish. Here, I chose to apply a black self-adhesive vinyl that I had printed by a specialist. I created the phrase beforehand using Adobe Illustrator vector design software. If you don't have access to such software, most printers offer a graphics service.

The installation of the vinyl is really very easy. The secret... Take your time as much for applying as for taking off the transfer paper. It is important to rub the vinyl several times with a plastic card so that it adheres well to the wall before removing the transfer paper.

Remove the transfer paper in small sections. For this project, I separated each word by cutting the paper as I went.

To end on a high note, I opted for our crochet wall decorations to nicely frame our catchphrase!

I hope I have given you the taste to try this technique. Here are some other examples unearthed on Pinterest for inspiration! 

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