L'union fait la force!

Unity is strength!

On the occasion of Earth Day, we decided to collaborate with another ambassador of responsible consumption to share tips and tricks aimed at reducing our impact on the environment in the way we consume. Both are convinced that it is the sum of our small gestures that will have a big impact on the future of our planet. So it was completely natural for us to work together.

Come take part in this movement by visiting the Bulk grocery store Mille et un bocaux as well as our boutique, located just minutes from each other in Donnacona. In addition to contributing to an eco-responsible lifestyle, get a chance to win a gift basket worth more than $100* which will be drawn among all those who visited the 2 stores between April 19 and 23.

The gift basket includes:

  • A $20 gift certificate at the Tomorrow Maybe store
  • A $20 gift certificate at the Mille et un bocaux grocery store
  • A 100% soy candle Honeysuckle flower
  • A My Gratitude List notebook
  • A tote bag 
  • 2 small bulk food bags
  • An apple cider herbal tea
  • 2 packets of toothpaste tablets
  • 2 dishwasher tablets
  • 2 detergent tablets
  • A bath bomb
*The gift basket will be drawn among all those who visited the Mille et un bocaux grocery store as well as the Demain Peut-Être boutique between April 19 and 23. A coupon will be given to the participant and must have the stamp of the 2 shops in order to be eligible. The announcement of the winner will be made in story on the social networks of the 2 shops at the end of the contest. No purchase necessary. The winner must pick up his prize at one of the two participating stores of his choice. 


About Thousand and One Jars
Born from an awareness of overconsumption and pollution related to over-packaging, Mille et un bocaux is an essential solution to waste reduction. Being in constant search for solutions to find the best way to reduce their environmental footprint, the owners are convinced that together we can create real change and thus make a difference. Mille et un bocaux brings people together and accompanies them towards a new way of thinking, acting and consuming, in addition to raising their awareness of food waste.


For our part, we strive to take every action in order to hope for a better tomorrow. Here are some of our daily actions and values ​​that are at the heart of Tomorrow Maybe.

  • Giving a tomorrow to the objects of the past
    We've made it our mission to give objects from the past that are so full of potential a future so they don't end up in landfills. 

  • Democratizing second-hand shopping
    While it is easy to understand that buying second-hand promotes waste reduction, it is however not a natural mode of consumption for many. With this in mind, we are upgrading several objects and furniture. We also offer another vocation to objects in order to see them differently. We challenge ourselves to convert people who are not used to this mode of consumption :) 

  • Bringing local talent to light
    We encourage the work of artisans who infuse their culture, passion and pride into their products. For us, encouraging local helps create and maintain jobs at home while prioritizing fair trade. Doing business with local artisans also allows us to limit transport and intermediaries, which has a great impact on our environment.

  • Reuse everything we can
    For us, recovery is essential and goes well beyond the items offered in the shop. For example, all shipping material is recovered from our orders from suppliers or packages received by our families and friends. It was natural for us to sacrifice the aesthetics of our shipments to salvage all the shipping material already in circulation. All the furniture and displays in the shop are also second hand. 
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