DIY - Suspendre joliment un pot avec de la corde

DIY - Hanging a pot nicely with rope

Here is a simple, quick and affordable little trick to transform any pot into a pretty suspension for your flowers.


  • Pot of your choice (the pot should preferably have a rim for more solidity, but it is not mandatory). Find here several pots to suspend.
  • Rope of your choice (jute, sisal, ribbon, let your creativity flow)
  • scissors (our forged scissors are perfect for this project!)
matériel requis


    Cut a length of rope 4-5 times the height of your pot.
    Tie a knot to form a closed loop.

    Form a small loop by turning one end of the rope.

    petite boucle

    Place your pot on the crossing of the rope.

    pot sur boucle

    Pass the large loop on the left (with the knot) through the small loop and pull to tighten the rope.

    Pass the large loop (with the knot) over the pot.

    Place the 2 small loops on the right on the large loop on the right (with the knot) so that the large loop is under the 2 small loops.

    Pinch the large loop at the 2 places that go under the small loops and pull until the rope closes over the pot.

    And There you go !

    résultat final

    Place your pot on a support mural or on a hook in the ceiling.


    • Increase the length of the rope for a longer suspension.
    • Once the rope is in place, adjust it to place the crosses where you want them on your pot.
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