C'est le temps des vacances

It's vacation time

It's finally vacation time! And since many of you are from outside Portneuf, I wanted to share some activities to do around the store to enhance your visit!

Riverside Family Park

The Berges Family Park is the perfect place to escape from everyday life by breathing in the good fresh air of nature. You will certainly have fun walking the 2.3 km of interpretive trails in this vast marsh located on the banks of the Jacques-Cartier River. In addition, access is free.

Address: 10 Route 138, Donnacona, Quebec G3M 1B2

Parc familiale des berges

Photo credit: Jonathan Roy - photographer

Quay in Les écureuils

One of my favorite places to picnic and relax along the beautiful St. Lawrence River while the kids build a sandcastle! The beach has been beautifully landscaped to allow visitors to relax and savor the view of the river.

Address : Route du Quai, Donnacona, Quebec G3M 1N3

Quai de Les écureuils

Photo credit: City of Donnacona website

Donnacona Park Giant Trampoline

Go back to childhood thanks to the giant trampoline in Donnacona Park. This legacy of the committee of 100and of the Town of Donnacona allows young and old alike to expend their energy on a 48ft x 24ft surface. Water games, mini-putt and game modules nearby!

Address: Donnacona, QC G3M 1L6

trampoline géante Donnacona

Photo credit: infoporneuf.com

Brasserie La Fosse

La Fosse invites you to take out a log to enjoy a good dish with local flavors, accompanied by beers brewed on site, just to fill your belly as it should be with good Portneuvois products.

Address : 270 Church Street, Donnacona, Quebec G3M1Z5

Brasserie La Fosse

Photo credit: Instagram Brasserie La Fosse (@brasserielafosse)

thousand and one jars

Stock up on groceries at this very nice bulk grocery store. In addition to a wide variety of bulk products, you will also find ecological products and local artisanal products. Don't forget your containers!

Address : 190 Route 138, Donnacona, Quebec G3M 1B7

Mille et un bocaux

Photo credit: Instagram of Mille et un bocaux (@milleetunbocaux)
Cover photo credit: Tourisme Portneuf (tourisme.portneuf.com)
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