«Automniser» son décor

"Automnize" your decor

At home, a change of season rhymes with a change of scenery. And when it comes to fall, I'm having a blast. But no need to redo the entire decor to breathe an autumn breeze into your household. A few well-placed objects and you're done!


The warmth of brass, the richness of copper, the beauty of sandstone, the comfort of wool, the delicacy of dried flowers ... Feel free to combine different materials and textures to create a warm and inviting decor.


We never have enough throws and blankets. We love them in decoration for their texture and their accent of color, but especially for warming us every hour of the day! In wool or cotton, plain or patterned, the throw is the comforting essential to create your cozy nest in this season when cocooning is king.



If Mother Nature takes on her flamboyant colors, why not do the same by sprinkling your home with warm fall colors. Touches of ocher, sienna, amber or terracotta are welcome to quickly transform your decor. To add sparingly, we favor small objects such as vases, frames or cushions to create warm accents. 


Pumpkins, leaves, branches, flowers ... Nature offers the best fall decorations and the possibilities for arrangements are endless. A simple bouquet of dried flowers brings a lot of sweetness to a house. 

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