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Nordic immersive kit

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The experience
A turnkey bath ritual. The fresh air and the aromas of lavender and eucalyptus, mixed with the warmth of a hot tub like in a spa. But at home. It is calm.

Himalayan pink salt, rose flowers, straw flowers, lavender flowers, eucalyptus leaves, paper lantern, pack of 36 incense matches, Nordic Ritual botanical oil

100% vegan, 100% the most original and perfect gift!

Nordic ritual bath and body oil ingredients
Eucalyptus essential oil, hLavender essential oil, Almond oil, Argan oil, Avocado oil, Apricot oil, lavender flowers, eucalyptus leaves, natural fragrance, vitamin E,

Simply put all the items in the tub, besides the matches. To add between 2 to 3 pipettes of oil directly into the hot bath water.

You can live the experience 100% by putting the entire contents of the kit in one bath. Incense matches and oil will remain for other baths. You can also use your kit in three baths. Simply divide the sachet into thirds. 

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