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Bath bomb - Lavender

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Stop for a bath with this vegan effervescent bomb scented with organic essential oils of real lavender and lemon. The sweetness of lavender flowers harvested from our garden and the calming properties of true lavender make it a perfect choice for relaxing before going to sleep.

The experience
Experience an incomparable moment of relaxation with these luxurious effervescent bath bombs, handcrafted by Base Botanique. Enriched with rice bran oil, they are soothing and nourish the driest, sensitive and delicate skins. Embellished one by one with a mixture of carefully selected flowers, berries and leaves, for an even more special moment of relaxation.

Unwrap, drop in the bathwater…and relax!

For best results, store product away from moisture in a cool place and use within 3 months of purchase.

Weight: +- 100g
Cylindrical bubble bomb 3" in diameter x 3/4" thick
Note that this product is handcrafted and appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch.